Indoor Construction

  • We flow match, meaning the pattern is replicated as displayed on the fabric bolt within a ¼” allowance of seams.
  • All frames are made of kiln-dried hardwood or engineered hardwood laminate. This helps to increase strength and resist warping. All joints are double-doweled, and corner blocks are used to maintain rigidity and prevent wobbling.
  • Each back cushion contains 4 individual chambers into which the fibers or down are blown. These channels prevent the fibers or down from settling to the bottom of the back.
  • All cushions are hand cut to insure a proper fit in the seating cavity to your new furniture. Skilled hands using electric knives for precise edges cut high-density polyurethane foam. Each piece is offered with a standard seat cushion designed specifically to fit that style. In addition, we offer several cushion upgrade options.
  • Corner blocks are cut and mitered to fit into each of the four corners of the frame. Each corner block is glued, screwed, and stapled into place. This gives added support and reinforcement to the frame.
  • Fabric ticking is a needle-punched cloth that is used to encase the cushion core. The ticking offers several benefits. The small holes in the cloth allow air from the cushion to slowly escape, allowing you to sink into a piece. The texture of the cloth prevents fabric slippage. The ticking also prevents the Dacron topping on the top and bottom of the cushion cores from shifting.
  • The FLW material is a woven polyester material that is stapled to the inside back and arms of each frame to form the base onto which we place cotton padding and polyester fiber. The material is both puncture and moisture resistant to insure it will not break down over time with normal use.
  • Placed over the FLW is an inside back padding made of polyester fiber and allows the inside back fabric to lay nicely as well as provide added cushioning to the piece.
  • The seat rolls are made of 100% pulled cotton. This material gives our seat rolls a soft ride and comfortable feel.
  • Made from 1.8 density top quality foam and then covered in polyester fiber, our top arm covering is designed so the customer does not feel the wood frame beneath the padding.
  • Heavy gauge steel wire is formed to match the perimeter of the seat and attached to the springs. This edge wire creates a stable, straight line over which we attach the soft edge roll. These two materials work in conjunction with the springs to create a soft front edge.
  • A pellon skirt lining is used to give our dressmaker and kick pleat skirts their rigidity.
  • A soft edge seat roll offers a better sit and gives the cushions a longer life. The area above the front rail moves or gives when weight is applied. This is considered a premium feature in high end furniture.
  • Many of our pieces are available in all leather or leather/fabric combinations. With proper care, leather can endure for generations. We select only the finest leathers. We have aniline dyed, drum dyed, corrected and buffed leathers in stock. All are top grain, high quality products carefully selected to enhance your particular lifestyle.
  • During the manufacturing process, each piece goes through several "in-line" inspection points. The final inspection is the most critical. Our inspectors look for proper pattern matching, deep pleats, crisp welts, etc. They even look for errant strings beneath the skirts. Finally, they ensure each piece is expertly padded and packed to make sure your new furniture arrives in perfect condition.